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Research on optimization of the expressive power of actors / dancers on the basis of the method of Biological Acting.

The main objective of this research project is to optimize the expressive power of actors / dancers. This is done on the basis of the training method of the renowned Flemish artist Jan Fabre based on a combination of inner experience and physical stress. This combined form is called 'biological acting' whick calls upon a strong commitment of the physical capabilities of the actors, and is regarded as a form of physical stress. This method is further refined in this project and parameterized on the basis of measuring stress through "Heart rate variability" (HRV), a measure of the amount of reserve that the physiology of the sympathetic / parasympathetic system displays in stress load. Also the expressive powers of the actor/dancer is measured using a neurological measurement of a test audience.
Date:1 Jan 2013 →  31 Dec 2014
Disciplines:Education curriculum, Theatre and performance
Project type:Collaboration project