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Research on Interdiffusion Microstructures at the Interfaces of Multi-Component Alloys

Follows from diffuse-interface approach, and it is straightforward to take different driving forces into account, phase-field modeling has a wide variety of applications on the phenomena of solidification, solid-state phase transformations, fracture etc. High Entropy Alloys (HEAs) have potentially desirable properties as a novel material in materials science and engineering. The inter-diffusion phenomena at the material solidification interfaces are critical for the properties and reliability of a final product. This topic focuses on development of a powerful computational method with the help of Phase-field modeling to reveal the mechanism of inter-diffusion phenomena at solidification interfaces of HEAs.

Date:28 Mar 2018  →  Today
Keywords:High Entropy Alloys(HEAs), Phase Field Modeling, Inter-diffusion Phenomena
Disciplines:Ceramic and glass materials, Materials science and engineering, Semiconductor materials, Other materials engineering
Project type:PhD project