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Request for assistance in statistical evaluation of the achievement by Member States of the EU Salmonella reduction targets in animal populations. (R-2120)

The European Food Agency collects annual information on zoonoses and anti-microbial resistance of all European countries. The objective of this project is the analysis of the trend in the prevalence of zoonotic agents and sources of human infections, in order to determine the likelihood that European countries will achieve the stated reduction. The animal populations in this study are roasting chickens and laying hens. For roasting chickens, the goal is preventing a 1% (or less) of Salmonella positive flocks at the end of 2009. For laying hens, the objective is an annual reduction of 2% (or less) positive flocks against Salmonella in February 2011. In this project we provide statistical support to the EFSA for evaluation of these objectives.
Date:16 Dec 2009 →  15 Oct 2010
Keywords:Resistence, Salmonella, Statistical study
Disciplines:Health sciences