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Reliable Fault Location for Electricity Grids with Power Electronic Converters

For a reliable supply with electricity, it is vital to locate faults. However, when renewable energy sources with power electronic converters come into play, state of the art fault location demands costly communication. A novel method developed at the KU Leuven overcomes this drawback. It exploits local measurements only, focusing on the converters’ transient response in the time domain. This project will provide a proof of concept with a three-fold course of actions: First, transient power system simulations will refine the method and lead to a specification for the prototype. Second, a prototype will be developed that implements the method on an embedded system. Third, the prototype will be evaluated in a grid emulation laboratory. A patent application of the method is currently in preparation. Potential licensees in the electricity sector are: Manufacturers of control- and protection devices, software service companies and grid operators.
Date:1 Jan 2021  →  Today
Keywords:power electronics, fault location, embedded system, electricity grid, power system protection
Disciplines:Embedded and real-time systems, Renewable power and energy systems engineering