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The relationship between retail design and heritage property: a theoretical approach form a selection of case studies in historical European cities. (R-1417)

In different historic cities in Europe, various historic buildings are being unoccupied because they have lost their initial function. To avoid a degradation of the building itself and the citiescape it belongs to, a new use of the building is desirablein order to supply finances for its maintenance ans restoration. From the viewpoint of the retail sector, there exists a strong demand for available buildings which cover a large area at A-locations in the city. The commercial centre of the city in many cases is the historic city centre, so the available buildings often are monuments such as public, religious or industrial buildings. Commercial re-use of those buildings seems to be a beneficial solution for both parties. For instance, it is easier to find investors for retail projects than it is for social or cultural projects. Moreover, the building will have a public function, allowing it to become part of contemporary urban life.
Date:1 Oct 2008 →  30 Sep 2010
Disciplines:Mathematical sciences