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The Relationship between International Investment Law and Human Rights Law – Towards a More Balanced Integration of Human Rights in Investment Law

Globalisation caused international law to grow and to become more complex. Besides the increased complexity, the interaction between the international law frameworks intensified. This dissertation evaluates the interaction between international investment law and human rights as this is a pressing issue which will gain ample importance in the future, given that international investment remains to touch upon new heights and human rights law continues to broaden its scope. The research focuses on two objectives. Firstly, in what way and to which extent do international investment law and human rights interact with and influence each other. The goal is to strive for a more effective integration of the two disciplines. Secondly, the dissertation shows how the legal frameworks of international investment and human rights can be adapted or modulated to better suit their connectivity. 







Date:28 Feb 2012  →  17 Nov 2018
Keywords:human rights, investments
Project type:PhD project