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Reintegration: Describing, understanding, and predicting deployment related psychosocial risks.

The last decades were marked by an unprecedented growth of international - and non-governmental organizations and hereby a rise in the number and pace deployment of employees/volunteers to foreign host countries followed. During and post-deployment, employees face innumerable sources of (re) integration-related challenges, which can impact their ability to perform, but also their motivation and well-being. Based on military research, we already know that military service personnel experience difficulties in reintegrating into their home life and face several challenges on a personal, family, professional, and cultural level. Although these challenges are already translated into a military multidimensional measurement instrument (the Post Deployment Reintegration Scale), there are two main conceptual and methodological limitations. To start with, it is unknown how these dimensions are interrelated and how the relationship is between reintegration, motivation, and well-being. Secondly, despite considerable progress in our understanding of the reintegration phase of military service members, the literature on reintegration across different occupational sectors remains fragmented and incomplete. Consequently, there is an urgent need for an improved understanding of the multidimensional model and the reintegration process across different occupational sectors. With this study, we aim to systematically review the reintegration literature over various occupational sectors and to develop a conceptual framework and measurement instrument that consolidates the different theories and research. We expect that developing and testing such a model will not only add value to theory, but also influence practical efforts aimed at maximizing employees’ reintegration after deployment, and in turn their motivation, and overall well-being

Date:17 Dec 2020  →  Today
Disciplines:Work and organisational psychology
Project type:PhD project