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Rehab-4-earlyOA: Mechanobiology-driven rehabilitation of early osteoarthritis through optimized multi-scale biomechanics

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a highly prevalent and disabling condition in which the normal joint function is impaired. It is a multi-factorial disease that primarily affects the articular cartilage and in which mechanical factors have been reported to be key-factors Within this ID-N framework, we will lay the fundaments of a new approach towards treatment of osteoarthritis by developing an innovative multi-scale monitoring platform that will support the development of targeted exercise efforts towards early OA cartilage. Therefore, we (1) will develop a novel and unique methodological platform to measure functional biomarkers that non-invasively evaluate loss of the optimal mechanical characteristics of cartilage of early OA - across different length scales; (2) will develop an innovative in vitro model allowing controlled and reversible modulation of the mechanobiological environment of early OA cartilage and (3) rehabilitate early OA cartilage by using functional biomarkers to optimally support and even restore the mechano-adaptive response of early OA cartilage through tuned optimization of its mechanobiological environment in vitro.
Date:1 Oct 2020 →  Today
Keywords:osteoarthritis, cartilage, rehabilitation, mechanobiology, functional biomarkers
Disciplines:Biomechanics, Structural biology, Physical organic chemistry, Soft condensed matter, Molecular and cellular biomechanics