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The Reception of Augustine's De civitate Dei in the Oeuvre of Coluccio Salutati

The project will offer a triptych of (1) an in-depth study of Salutati’s known De civitate Dei manuscripts, which will offer a unique access to Salutati’s reading and appropriation of DCD, and an assessment of the relationship between these material witnesses and the presence of Augustine in Salutati’s writings; this part of the investigation will involve first-hand analysis of the surviving Augustine manuscripts from Salutati’s library in the Biblioteca Vaticana and the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana; (2) a thematic analysis of Salutati’s letters and literary oeuvre as a whole, covering the complete period of his activity, as to his evolving views on the relationship between Church and State(s), and between classical pagan and Christian culture, taking into account the historical context in which and the audience for whom Salutati produced each of those texts; and (3) a comparative analysis of these research results with the way in which these topics are presented in DCD itself. Particular attention will be given to the coherence (or the lack of it) between the viewpoints voiced by the “personal” and the “public” Salutati, assessing the way in which Augustine inspired and shaped Salutati’s thinking about Church and State, and the rhetorical presentation of his stances concerning the political interests and the novel cultural agenda of his hometown throughout his oeuvre.

Date:1 Oct 2018  →  Today
Keywords:Humanism, Coluccio Salutati, Augustine
Disciplines:Language studies, Literary studies
Project type:PhD project