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Re-design of historical sites in view of future societal challenges and policy-wise priorities of local governments

The Ursulinen Institute in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, the colony in Wortel-Merksplas and the Fortress in Mortsel are public historical heritage sites that have (partly) lost their function over the years. As such, a new destination and function has to be found that takes into account (i) new societal challenges and associated (strategic) policy priorities of local governments, and (ii) the conservation and protection of the historical value . To find such a new destination, the method of research by design can be used. Thus, looking for different design alternatives results in new insights and thus inspirational input for the respective re-design initiaitives. Because of their methodological expertise, researchers of the University of Antwerp (faculty of design sciences, Henry van de Velde research group) will assist Kempens Landschap (public owner off these sites) in search of a suited re-destination of these sites.
Date:1 May 2017  →  31 Dec 2017
Disciplines:Architectural engineering, Architecture, Interior architecture, Architectural design, Art studies and sciences