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Quinoa Local (QUILO)

Main research question/goal

The main objective of "QUINOA LOKAAL" (QUILO) is to make quinoa a profitable conventional and organic crop in Flanders. We want to achieve this while maintaining the "green image" of the crop; that is, without the use of pesiticides or herbicides. QUILO will enable the Flemish farmer to deliver a high-quality end product. We focus on aspects that guarantee and /or increase the profitability of the crop.

Research approach

The project is based on two major topics. The first is the creation of a learning network with participation of the target groups (f.e. through QUILOPEDIA). The second topic focuses on the generation of knowledge (cultivation, technical knowledge, profitability and quality analyses). Both topics support a profitable quinoa cultivation.


By increasing crop and cultivation knowledge, we aim to improve the profitability and stability of quinoa cultivation. Quinoa as a crop wil contribute to a broader crop rotation and the maintaining the business activities of the individual innovative land-based farm. QUILO together with other synergetic projects will bring about more awareness of quinoa among processing industry and retail/consumers. Innovative applications in the food sector will be accelerated, which will strengthen the local quinoa production and processing. 

Funding provider(s)
Atelier M.
Boost Nutrition
Date:1 Dec 2019  →  Today