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The Quest for Global Talent: (Top) Management Teams, Nationality Diversity, and Firm Performance (R-10629)

In an increasingly competitive global environment, firms face the challenge to attract talented and highly skilled employees. Hence, firms often look abroad to hire talent. This also applies to the most important employees of the firm: the executives in its Top Management Team (TMT). In this project, we investigate if and when internationalization of the TMT affects corporate outcomes. In particular, we focus on TMTs ability to influence staffing policies and nationality diversity in the lower echelons of the firm: in management teams and the employee base of business units. Such staffing decisions may be crucial to firm performance: While the top management of an organization has the power to formulate strategies and allocate resources, whether this has substantial impact on firm goals depends on the alignment with the lower levels of organization. We focus on two interrelated corporate outcomes: export performance and productivity. We will construct a uniquely rich panel dataset at the corporate and business unit levels covering the population of firms in the Netherlands, in collaboration with the Central Bureau of Statistics of the Netherlands. We will employ dynamic panel data techniques allowing for multi-level analysis and mediation, and will complement the empirical approach by interviews with practitioners. Our findings will have managerial implications related to the ability of firms to recruit high skilled migrants for improved performance, and policy implications regarding the role of migration measures and local policies to attract migrants.
Date:1 Apr 2022  →  Today
Disciplines:Innovation, research and development, technological change, intellectual property rights
Project type:Collaboration project