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Queer Women Migrants: Place, Identity and Activism

This research aims to offer a combined and explicit focus on gender, same-sex sexuality, transnational migration and activism. I intend to explore geographical and anthropological perspectives on queer women’s experience of migration and of local LGBT movement in Belgium. I hope to examine local LGBT movement from the perspective of non-Western queer women migrants in Europe, and to answer the questions which have haunted me for a long time: what is a good LGBT movement? Is there a standard movement model? Who indeed is the movement for? The bonds between place and identity can affect cultural practices and political actions (Gieseking et al. 2014). Therefore, the sense of place of queer migrants may have influence on their participation in local affairs, including local and transnational LGBT movements. Thus, the following questions would also be answered to help to get to the final questions above: How does “sense of place” develop as a dynamic process from the migration experience of non-Western queer women migrants? How do race, gender, migration interact with each other to shape their identity and activities in national and transnational LGBT movement? I hope to explore the issues from individual, local and global dimensions.

Date:18 Apr 2019  →  Today
Keywords:Queer, Transnationalism, Activism, Migration, Space, Sexuality
Disciplines:Geography of mobility and transportation, Social geography, Gender specific studies
Project type:PhD project