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Queer Migration: Place, Identity and Activism

This PhD focuses on the perspective and the role of queer migrants in local and transnational LGBT movements. It discusses the difficulties and possibilities transnational migration creates for queer activism and activists. This PhD wants to fill this gap by answering the following research questions: 1. What are the barriers and opportunities for activism faced by queer migrants? a) How does the migration experience affect their (urge for) activism? b) How do the multiple and intersectional identities of queer migrants affect their experiences of/within mainstream LGBT movements at different scales (local, national, transnational)? c) How do power struggles and inequalities within movements intersect with intragroup differences among queer migrants? 2. How do queer migrants change LGBT movements, both local and translocal? a) What strategies do queer migrants develop to open up existing movements, or to diversify the movement landscape? b) How do queer migrants develop autonomous action outside mainstream movements? c) What is the impact of queer migrants, as transnational actors, on transnational LGBT mobilization?

Date:18 Apr 2019  →  Today
Keywords:Queer, Transnationalism, Activism, Migration, Space, Sexuality
Disciplines:Geography of mobility and transportation, Social geography, Gender specific studies
Project type:PhD project