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Quality control of fresh concrete by advanced dispersion and attenuation characteristics of stress waves (FWOAL761)

Reliable examination of fresh concrete is troublesome due to its heterogeneity, and the fact that conventional mechanical tests cannot be applied. This project seeks a methodology based on stress wave techniques that can assess crucial parameters of the concrete performance from the moment after mixing, when there is still the possibility to adjust or reject the material before being permanent part of the structure. The investigation will be based on elastic waves (using innovative dispersion and attenuation parameters) and acoustic emission (AE). The kinetics of the material will be monitored and correlated to the final mechanical properties. The aim is a methodology to make projections to the final performance based on robust engineering criteria obtained from the behavior of fresh concrete rather than assumptions and the experience of the user. Results will be validated by mechanical testing of the same specimens after hardening. Theoretical modeling will be a strong part through multiple scattering and enhanced elastic theories in order to define which band of frequencies interacts with the various levels of microstructure and provide feedback to the experiment.
Date:1 Jan 2015 →  31 Dec 2018
Keywords:Non Destructive Testing, Material Characterisation, Structural Analysis Using Finite Element, Mixed Numerical/Experimental Methodes
Disciplines:Destructive and non-destructive testing of materials, Composites and hybrid materials not elsewhere classified