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Pyrolytic valorisation of concentrated swine manure into value added products (R-6066)

Nowadays, there is an increased interest in swine manure (SM) management evoked by the increased manure concentrations and increased environmental requirements/regulations towards emissions originating from it. Inasmuch as current manure management technologies suffer from drawbacks and in some cases contribute to environmental pollution, the proposal focuses on an ecologically and economically sustainable method for valorisation of SM into value added products. Its main objective is to explore pyrolysis as an efficient method for SM utilization into bio-oils and low cost activated carbons (ACs). The physical/chemical properties as well as adsorption/desorption capacity in aqueous solution of obtained ACs towards hazardous Ni(II) and Cr(VI) pollutants in aqueous solution will be considered. Optimal conditions for the removal of these pollutants by the studied ACs will be certainly offered for applied circumstances. Bio-oils production has recently gained importance due to the need to reduce environmental contamination and dependency of fossil fuels and for its potential to be converted into different chemicals and respectively considered as a chemical feedstock. Therefore additional objective of the proposal will be the investigation of composition of bio-oils received during SM pyrolysis. The main purpose of this part will be to characterize and register organic components with commercial importance.
Date:1 Jan 2015 →  31 Dec 2017
Keywords:Bio-Oils, Heavy metals, pyrolysis, Zwine manure
Disciplines:Analytical chemistry, Pharmaceutical analysis and quality assurance