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Prototyping Heritage (R-9074)

Often, spatial heritage is difficult to discuss, visualize and 'curate' in a (city) space, because it deals with the potentially difficult to imagine aspects of repurposing underused historical or deserted buildings and spaces. In that case, digital media could be used to collaboratively (together with designers, heritage experts, citizens, scientists, etc.) prototype and make tangible these rather intangible aspects of spatial heritage, such as future reuse of material heritage. This research trajectory thus explores the phase before ideas of repurposing heritage are materialized and distributed by institutions. The objectives of this project are to train researchers in using digital media in participatory ways to: 1. debate about heritage with participants and 2. curate heritage meeting points in the city with participants (e.g. a heritage radio station in the weekly market talking about adaptive reuse of buildings and spaces, participatory made and evolving urban screens visualizing the potential of a space/building 'in situ', etc.).
Date:24 Feb 2020  →  Today