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The protection of non-standard workers in national, European and international law and the regulation of work in the digital era.

My program addresses the labour issues arising from the spread of non-standard work and the rise of the gig-economy. Workers who work in the gig-economy for online platforms or for companies like Uber are normally classified as independent contractors and, as such, are not granted basic labour protection. I will research on the working conditions of these workers and on the methods of granting them fundamental workers' rights. I will examine this phenomenon as a part of larger trends towards the spread of non-standard work. Non-standard workers have difficulties in exercising fundamental labour rights. I will research on the policy responses taken at the international, EU and national level to tackle these issues, in the context of a broader research on the classification of labour rights as human rights.

Date:1 Oct 2017 →  31 Dec 2021
Keywords:labour rights, human rights, Gig-economy
Disciplines:Social law, Law not elsewhere classified