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Projet Transversal DRC - Anglais Académique - phase 4.

The project ('English for Academic Purposes - Quality, Extension, Sustainability') aims to further deepen teaching processes proper by exploring and developing Blended Learning (BL) solutions for the local context of the seven Congolese universities involved, already introduced in phases 2 and 3. As BL (and in particular its flexible character) allows to cater for different learner groups (level and orientation) and to create a productive virtual English context, it is necessary to concentrate more on this educational approach which is not yet explored in this specific context (where resources and Internet support are very limited). The project also envisages to extend beyond the current target groups, inside and outside the 7 academic institutions involved: i.e. administrative staff, undergraduate students, and paying clients and NGOs. Finally, in view of its dynamics and its sustainability, this project on learning English for academic purposes pursues a much tighter organization per university involved, including a business plan with a financial plan, a timetable and a durable local system of accountability. This represents a major challenge, for which the project needs to benefit from the support of the academic partners ('points focaux').
Date:1 Jan 2017  →  Today
Disciplines:Education curriculum, Linguistics, Theory and methodology of linguistics, Other languages and literary studies
Project type:Collaboration project