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Project Spanish Federal Research Fund: "Emotion, memory, linguistic identity and emotional acculturation: influences on the learning of Spanish as a migrant language"

Within this project (funding by the Spanish Federal Research Fund (FFI2017-83166-C2-2-R; Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad. Gobierno de España; PI: Susana Martín Leralta (Universidad Nebrija, Madrid), 27.467€) we investigate the possible impact of migration on language and emotions. Emotional experiences are closely related to the cultures to which we belong and the languages we speak. As a result of migrations, when people and groups with different cultures and languages come into contact with each other, acculturation processes or adaptation of cultural patterns take place, which are translated, in the case of emotions, in processes of emotional acculturation. In this sense, we wonder how the relationship between the maintenance of the language of origin and the emotional acculturation of Spanish migrants in Belgium and their descendants ("heritage speakers") of Spanish, in comparison with non-migrant Spanish people, in several European countries.

This project hosts one doctoral project at KU Leuven (cotutelle with Universidad Nebrija): Marta Gallego García (28/4/2020 - 28/4/2024). One other doctoral thesis within this project is codirected by Kris Buyse at the Nebrija University itself.

Date:1 Jan 2018 →  31 Dec 2021
Keywords:Spanish, Emotional acculturation, sociolinguistics, heritage language