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Production of non- and low alcohol beers with maltose-negative yeasts and alternativecereals (NABLAB)

This project investigates how the main sensory deficiencies of non- and low alcohol beers, brewed with commercially available NABLAB yeasts, can be avoided or improved by incorporating alternative cereals (spelt, rye, oats, einkorn wheat and khorasan) and by adapting the classic brewing process to suit this style of beer.

 Sales of non- and low alcohol beers (NABLAB) are increasing year after year. However, there are still some important sensory deficiencies in these beers, which are brewed with commercially available NABLAB yeasts.

The NABLAB project investigates how these shortcomings can be avoided or improved. To this end, alternative grains are incorporated into the brewing process. Specifically, the cereals spelt, rye and oats (raw and malted form), and einkorn wheat and khorasan (only raw form) are incorporated. In addition, we investigate how the traditional brewing process can be adapted to suit this style of beer.

The overall objective is to provide knowledge to the brewers and to offer a detailed practical guide on how to develop a qualitative, distinctive NABLAB that can be seen as a true alternative to normal beer. This offers brewers the opportunity to take their place in this strongly growing market segment without large investments and risks.

Date:1 Dec 2021 →  Today
Keywords:brewery, NABLAB, alternative grains, maltose negative, beer, non alcoholic beer, flavour, innovative beer production
Disciplines:Agricultural, veterinary and food sciences not elsewhere classified, Fermentation