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Preservation and Residual Life Prediction of Historic Reinforced Concrete Buildings: Comparison of Chinese and Western Approaches and Practices.

Historic buildings of reinforced concrete (RC) served for a long time, and most of them have already exceeded the reasonable service life. There is an urgent need to carry out conservation and reinforcement. Material properties, construction technology and structural design methods of ancient RC buildings are distinct from those of modern RC buildings, therefore, evaluation method and reinforcement technology aimed at modern RC buildings cannot be directly applied in historic RC buildings. Considering this status, the author proposes this research plan for the purpose of scientific and standardized conservation of historic RC buildings. Firstly, based on existing research on historic concrete technology in Western World, the research plans to connect and compare them with Chinese historic concrete buildings built in the same historical period in order to understand how or if the development of Chinese historic concrete technology was affected by the West. In addition, non-destructive or micro-destructive detection methods and a residual life prediction model suitable for the historic RC buildings will be proposed. The final purpose of the research is to put forward a series of preservation techniques for historic RC structures.

Date:3 Oct 2018  →  4 Nov 2019
Keywords:historic concrete building
Disciplines:Structural engineering, Other civil and building engineering, Ceramic and glass materials, Materials science and engineering, Semiconductor materials, Other materials engineering
Project type:PhD project