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Predictors and consequences of (poor) perinatal mental health. Influences of job activities, social support, and free time on perinatal mental health, and the consequences for the development during the first year of life. (R-12030)

This research project focusses on the predictors of mental health and resilience of professionally active and inactive (expectant) mothers and their partners during the perinatal period, the consequences for the parents themselves, and for the offspring during the first year of life. The goal is to develop and adequately evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of potential intervention strategies. Data from four different sample will be used. Three samples were part of the Prenatal Early Life Stress (PELS) project: one in Leuven (n = 170), one in Tilburg (n = 190), and one in London (n = 138). The fourth sample concerns a PELS-related pilot study in Flanders (n = 500).
Date:1 Sep 2021 →  Today
Keywords:free time, Mental health, perinatal, professional activity, public health, resilience, social support
Project type:Collaboration project