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Preclinical optimization of a novel combination approach exploiting a therapy-induced vulnerability to reactive oxygen species.

In the current project, we wish to perform essential preclinical work with the goal to bring a new concept to a clinical readiness level. We plan to 1) optimize the novel combinatorial approach in multiple (partially) responsive pdx melanoma models, 2) to expand this concept to therapy resistant melanoma tumors by co-treatment with preclinical lipogenesis inhibitors, and 3) to generalize this concept to other tumor types.

This study will form the basis of a novel combinatorial therapy based on polyunsaturation-inducing therapies and reactive oxygen inducers, with a potentially board applicability.

Date:1 Sep 2019 →  Today
Keywords:polyunsaturation-inducing therapies, cancer, tumor types, melanoma
Disciplines:Cancer therapy , Cancer biology