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Precision laser-and rf spectroscopy of short-lived bismuth isotopes

The goal of the research project is to study the electromagnetic properties of bismuth isotopes. The PhD work will be focused on the first optical spectroscopy of the very short-lived multi-quasi particle isomers. From these measurements the electric quadrupole moment and the mean-squared charge radius will be obtained. A second aspect that will be investigated will be based on high-resolution measurements on stable and long-lived bismuth isotopes using a new laser - radiofrequency double resonance spectroscopy setup to be constructed in the laboratory at KU Leuven. The aim is to access the magnetic dipole moment and, for the first time, the magnetic octupole moment.

Date:28 Oct 2022 →  Today
Keywords:laser spectroscopy, bismuth, radio - frequency spectroscopy, electric quadrupole moment, mean-squared charge radius, magnetic dipole moment, magnetic octupole moment, high-resolution measurements
Disciplines:Atomic physics, Experimental aspects of nuclear physics
Project type:PhD project