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PolySAMP - polymeric sampler for metabolomics (PolySAMP)

Ambient ionization mass spectrometry (AIMS) based metabolomics is an emerging powerful analysis tool in precision medicine, food and evironmental applications. AIMS allows to record mass spectra from samples in their native environment without the need for chromatographic separation. Sampling devices that capture and stabilize biofluid metabolites while enabling maximal extraction for AIMS-based metabolomics analysis are currently not available on the market. This StarTT projects builds on previous development by UGent of a novel patented sampler costumized for AIMS and will tackle current shortcomings of limited functionality of the polymers, long-term stability and pre-industrial upscaling. The aim of the project is to optimize the sampler design to achieve maximal metabolomics capture and stability and to bring the invention from a lab scale prototype to the stage of a clinically validated pre-industrial prototype kit.

Date:16 Dec 2022 →  Today
Keywords:Metabolomics, polyoxazolines, electrospinning, sampler
Disciplines:Analytical separation and detection techniques, Functionalisation of materials, Polymers and plastics, Materials processing, Medical metabolomics