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Policy Research Center Welfare, Public Health and Family - EF 60: Legal investigation data management Healthcare Inspectorate

Research objective
This research works with a practical framework from the health care inspectorate that relates to a legally compliant way of dealing with the processing of (special) personal data. This framework takes into account the relationship between the following legal processing, confidentiality and disclosure obligations: the [1] General Data Protection Regulation (and the federal and Flemish follow-up legislation thereof); [2] the professional secrecy and deontological guidelines of the Order of Physicians; [3] administrative confidentiality and disclosure obligations (including supervisory decree and VPS). The developed framework is immediately operationalisable and allows the Health Care Inspectorate to make legally compliant decisions about the processing of personal data in an inspection context.

Date:15 Dec 2019 →  31 Dec 2020
Keywords:data protection, healthcare, privacy
Disciplines:Human rights law , Information law