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Pilotmem - Pilot-scale Development of Flat-sheet Membranes

Membrane technology has manifested itself over the past decades as a reliable alternative for more conventional liquid and gas separations which often generate significant waste streams or require excessive energy. The Pilotmem project addresses the strategic need to bridge the gap between lab-scale development at MTG and the industrial membrane production and implementation. The aim is (1) to gain the required experience with our worldwide unique, new pilot installation to upscale preparation of a series of new membrane types, and (2) to bring some of our membranes to the market. We envisage leveraging for valorization at different levels. A set of industrially relevant membranes will be upscaled for new applications, like filtration at extreme pH, solvent tolerant nanofiltration and biogas upgrading. Most membrane types are patented. Pushing membrane production into the higher TRL’s will expand our ‘offer’ to companies and increase the potential for services, bilateral contracts and EU-projects.
Date:1 Jan 2020  →  Today
Keywords:Pilot scale, Membrane Technology, Gas separation, (Solvent resistant) nanofiltration, Membrane development
Disciplines:Macromolecular and materials chemistry not elsewhere classified, Intensification, Membrane technologies