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Physicochemical properties and chemical reactivity of 0D, 2D and 3D materials on the nanometer and micrometer scale.

In spite of their resolving power, advanced light microscopy and spectroscopy techniques with very high spatial and/or temporal resolution, yield often little unambiguous information on the chemical structure of 2- and 3-dimensional nanostructures. Such information can be obtained by Raman based techniques where recent developments as tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy or stimulated Raman scattering have sufficient spatial resolution and/or sensitivity to chemically identify single nano-objects or monolayers. The applicants will set-up and further develop those techniques and apply them to relate spatial, structural and functional information at the level of single nano-objects and in several complex and heterogeneous systems at the nanoscale, with a focus on surfaces and interfaces.
Date:1 Oct 2015 →  30 Sep 2019
Disciplines:Physical chemistry