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PhD in water and water management for harvesting for dairy farms

Rain water harvesting system will be assessed at residential/micro level with a simple design and macro (catchment) level while accounting for communal demands. The main features assessed will include collection systems, connections, supply, demand patterns, quality control and ground water exchanges. The research will be based on use of simple systems with low initial investment, minimal skills to install, maintain and operate while maintaining qulaity. Rain water harvesting (RWH) is not a completely new system in Rwenzori region, it has greatly been implemented at domestic level. With increasing water demand, influences of climate change on the scarce resource and unreliability on rainfall seasons, there is need to ensure sustainable supply of water to diary farms. Increasing temperature and human practices continue to affect the quality of rain water collected and storage in an area with increasing temperature. Solutions to these challenges will be proposed.

Date:3 Sep 2019  →  Today
Keywords:Rainwater harvesting, water quality
Disciplines:Water engineering not elsewhere classified
Project type:PhD project