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PAM: the Physics of Acoustic Materials.

This Marie Curie IEF project is directed towards material research of acoustic poro-visco elastic materials with the aim to improve physical insight into the acoustic behavior of materials. The project has the following objectives: (1) Development of fast and robust methods for material characterization; (2) Development of physical models for poro-visco elastic materials. For the characterization of acoustic materials new innovative measurement concepts will be explored. These new measurement concepts involve the Nearfield Acoustic Holography (NAH) and Acoustic Radiation Force (ARF) techniques. The aim of using these new measurement concepts is to estimate poro-visco elastic material properties faster and in a robust manner. Wave Based numerical models will be developed for the physical modeling and the numerical model results will be confronted with experimental results.
Date:1 Jul 2012 →  31 Dec 2014
Keywords:ARF, NAH, Characterization of acoustic materials, Acoustic poro-visco elastic materials, Marie Curie, Wave based numerical models
Disciplines:Ceramic and glass materials, Materials science and engineering, Semiconductor materials, Other materials engineering