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Organic Electronics and Photonics: Fundamental Optoelectronic Processes and Applications (R-12962)

The Francqui Foundation grants the mandate of Francqui Research Professor at Hasselt University to Prof. Dr. Koen Vandewal. With this mandate, the Foundation gives Prof. Vandewal the opportunity to dedicate himself to research, with a reduced teaching assignment. The Francqui Foundation therefore funds a deputy for the teaching assignment. Koen Vandewal's research is situated at the intersection of physics and chemistry and focusses on the fundamental understanding and development of new, low-cost, carbon based, organic semiconductors. These new materials are already applied in the light emitting pixels of the latest cell-phones and flat panel TV screens, known as OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology. Envisioned future applications of organic semiconductors are not only within lighting technology, but also in photovoltaics and sensing: The use of these new types of opto-electronic materials enables for example light-weight and cheap solar cells which can be invisibly incorporated into windows and rooftop tiles as well as wearable and implantable sensors for health monitoring. All these applications make use of the soft nature and easily tunable properties (color, rigidity, etc.) of organic semiconductors. The aim of Vandewal's research group is to further develop, fully understand and exploit these new materials with properties that the classical semiconductors do not possess, in this way providing electronics for the interconnected and sustainable society of the future
Date:1 Jan 2023 →  Today
Keywords:Optics, Organic Semiconductors, Photonics
Disciplines:Business management, Organisation and management theory