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Optimalisation and determination of shelf life of plaice stored in tubs. (QUALITUBFISH)

Main research question/goal
The aim of this project aims is a highly specific improvement in fish processing: transporting plaice in an improved type of icebox. The big buyers / fileters of plaice would benefit from better service at the fish auction including a customized logistics process. Transport of plaice from the auction to the buyers is better done in tubs than in the classic fish boxes. ILVO therefore examines the optimal storage and transport conditions, as well as the shelf life of plaice in tubs. Food safety is also an important aspect.

Research approach
In a number of tubs we place temperature loggers that follow the cold chain throughout the entire plaice transport and treatment process. We detect any temperature fluctuations. These fluctuations are the main cause of reduced shelf life and product safety. Based on the measurements we optimize storage conditions of fish stored in tubs (630 L). We compare the effect of transport in tubs with storage in the commonly-used fish boxes. We conduct a shelf-life experiment to see how long fish can be stored in tubs based on sensory, chemical and microbiological assessments with the aim of guaranteeing food safety.

This project has a clear and important practical added value for trade in fishery products and thus for the fisheries sector in general: optimization of the storage and transport of plaice and improved shelf-life and food safety. The final report will be presented as a practical guide for the fisheries sector. A peer-reviewed scientific article will also be submitted to secure international distribution.
Date:1 Jul 2015 →  31 Dec 2015