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Optimal design of mitigation measures for railway induced vibration in buildings using model order reduction techniques

The study of traffic induced vibration in the built environment resulted in the development of coupled finite element (FE-BE) models that account for the dynamic soil-structure interaction. These models are for example used to design vibration mitigation measures. Parametric studies, performance optimisation and stochastic analysis increase the dimension of the problem and necessitate faster and more efficient calculations. In this PhD thesis, the problem of dimensionality will be tackled by means of model order reduction methods such as ‘Proper Generalised Decomposition’ (PGD), specifically for railway induced vibration. The main focus will be receiver modelling and the development of methods for PGD-based design optimization of vibration reduction measures in buildings, employing size and topology optimization.

Date:7 Aug 2021 →  Today
Keywords:Railway induced vibration, Proper Generalized Decomposition, Model order reduction
Disciplines:Structural optimisation
Project type:PhD project