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OPTIBARRIER : Optimal barriers to sustainable food packaging: balance between over- and under-packaging (R-6191)

Optibarrier is a VIS range around the central issue: about packing versus under wrap. The program consists of sections. In the first partial section is the effect of different levels of gas barrier resulting in different dynamic oxygen concentrations on the shelf life of foods studied. The second sub-project zooms in on the light barrier of packaging and more concretely on the interaction between light exposure, light transmittance of the packaging, the dynamic concentration of oxygen in the package and the resultant shelf-life of foodstuffs. The third project is investigating how a functional barrier can be integrated into packaging materials (specific) migration (eg. Mineral oil) to reduce from these materials for food.
Date:1 Oct 2015 →  30 Sep 2019
Keywords:characterizing (packaging)materials, packaging innovation and optimalisation
Disciplines:Process engineering, Ceramic and glass materials, Composites and hybrid materials, Materials science and engineering, Polymeric materials, Semiconductor materials
Project type:Collaboration project