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Once-only Hebrew and Unique Greek. The Greek rendering of Hebrew Hapax Legomena *as a SignificantIndication* within the Characterisation of the Septuagint's Translation Technique.

The proposed research project aims at the following objectives: 1. An up-to-date recording of the hapax legomena that were identified by Casanowicz (1904) and Greenspahn (1984) in hte Massoretic Text. 2. Evaluation of the Greek translation equivalents of the Hebrew hapax legomena in order to contribute to the characterisation of the translation technique of each individual LXX book. 3. Comparison of the translation technique of the individual LXX translations from the point of view of the rendering of the hapax legomena.
Date:1 Jan 2008 →  31 Dec 2011
Keywords:Septuagint, Hapax legomena, Textual Criticism, Translation technique, Literary criticism
Disciplines:Theology and religious studies