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Numerical modelling of near-field and far-field wake effects of a farm of wave energy coverters using irregular short-crested waves and the effect of wind regeneration in time-dependent wave propagation models. (3F015109)

Designing a Wave Energy Converters (WECs) park layout requires the study of the interaction between the devices of a 'farm' layout (near-field effects) and the influence of wake effects behind a WEC-park (far-field effects). These park effects will be investigated by means of MILDwave, a numerical wave propagation model, which uses a sponge layer technique in order to simulate absorption and radiation of a converter.

Date:1 Oct 2009  →  30 Sep 2013
Keywords:park effects, sponge layer technique, wake effects, wave energy, WEC-farms, wave directionality, wave energy converter (WEC), park layout, wave propagation model, wind regeneration
Disciplines:Earthquake engineering, Construction engineering, Water engineering, Geotechnical and environmental engineering, Wind engineering