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Novel methods and 4D-XCT tools for in situ characterisation of materials and their microstructural changes during functional testing

The overall goal of the project is the realization of an integrated 4D X-ray Computer Tomography (4DXCT) toolbox for the in situ mechanical testing and analysis of fibrous materials. Two representative sample studies of fibrous materials, whose mechanical behavior and damage development are still insufficiently understood, will demonstrate the general applicability of our approach: 3D printed composite materials (3DPCM) and biological tissues (more specifically skin tissue and the bone-tendon interphase). The toolbox will consist of (i) a generic in situ load cell, (ii) non-invasive contrast agents and (iii) advanced image processing, reconstruction and modeling tools. This new characterization approach will provide a greatly improved insight into the dynamic mechanical behavior when loading the two types of fibrous materials.

Date:1 Jan 2019  →  Today
Keywords:4D X-ray Computer Tomography (4DXCT) toolbox, mechanical behavior fibrous materials
Disciplines:Image processing