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Non-invasive real-time monitoring of animal bio-responses using signal processing techniques

Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) is the use of modern technology in sensors, sensing systems (e.g. image, sound, etc.) and real-time modelling to realize the continuous automatic monitoring and management of livestock farming. This project aims to monitor health, behavior, welfare and productivity of animals in real-time. The objective of this project is to investigate if there is a possibility of monitoring vital, physiological and behavioral features of animals (e.g. Chicken, pigs, etc.) using different non-invasive sensor technology (microphones, ultrasonic, cameras, RADAR, etc.) coupled with novel signal processing technique (.eg. Wavelet analysis, machine learning techniques, etc.).

Date:26 Mar 2019  →  30 Oct 2019
Keywords:Signal Processing, Precision Livestock Farming, Non-invasive Sensing, Real-Time Monitoring, Animal Health and Welfare
Disciplines:Signal processing, Animal health engineering
Project type:PhD project