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An NMR facility tailored for biomedical research

The current facility for solution state NMR on the campus for biomedical research is intensively used by several research groups gathered in this consortium. They all daily use this NMR facility for structure characterization of small organic molecules and/or medium sized biomolecules such as proteins (< about 100amino acids) and nucleic acids (<about 50 nucleotides). The infrastructure is also used to study degradations and interactions of molecules in solution. The permanent use of equipment in the NMR facility demonstrates its importance. The outdated condition of most advanced ‘workhorse’ (2005), is demanding an unreasonable toll in repair costs and downtime due to defects. To solve this problem and avoid permanent shutdown (electronics are discontinued), this application plans to replace and upgrade its electronical parts. The requested configuration for the spectromete includes 2H,1H, 13C, 15N, 19F and 31P channels since this is optimal to study above mentioned biomolecules, small drug-like molecules and diagnostics. Moreover the system will be extended with an InsightCell accessory that will allow to do real-time monitoring of specific molecules in a cellular environment (‘in cell’ NMR).This will bring the 600MHz NMR spectrometer to the level of a central stateof-the-art system with additional possibilities and optimal performance for cutting edge research.

Date:1 May 2020  →  Today
Keywords:NMR facility, biomedical research
Disciplines:Medicinal chemistry