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The next generation of transmission electron microscopy: from biomedicine to nanomaterials. A state-of-the art electron microscopy system for cryo-EM and correlative light and electron microscopy. (R-11065)

This application is submitted by a consortium from different research institutes at Hasselt University in order to reinforce their research lines, to strengthen collaborations within Hasselt University and with external partners. This state-of-the-art infrastructure will enable us to become important (international) players in the field of cryo-EM/CLEM since such infrastructure has only limited presence in Flanders and Belgium. The requested infrastructure relates to the purchase of a Hitachi HT7800 transmission electron microscope (TEM) that is user-friendly and equipped for high-quality cryo-EM imaging. The TEM will be equipped with an EMSIS XAROSA camera to obtain high-resolution images and MirrorCLEM software to combine confocal laser scanning microscopy with electron microscopy. Last but not least, a high-tech sample preparation system with high-pressure freezing (Leica EM ICE – High Pressure Freezer) is requested to enable high-resolution cryo-EM (and CLEM) directly, or combined with freeze-substitution (Leica EM AFS2 – Automatic Freeze Substitution System) to allow for advanced EM and CLEM at room temperature.
Date:1 May 2020 →  Today
Keywords:cryo-EM, transmission electron microscopy