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Neural Mechanisms Underlying Blindsight in Monkeys

After damage to the primary visual cortex (V1) the patients experiences clinical blindness in the corresponding part of the visual field. Nevertheless, several visuo-motor functions persist due to the functionality of multiple V1-independent pathways. Recent evidence suggest that brain plasticity can be promoted through training and/or stimulation to promote partial recovery of visual functions. The present project investigates the neural mechanisms sustaining V1-independent vision in non-human primates and exploits brain plasticity to enhance potential recovery or amelioration of visuo-motor abilities following V1 damage. To this aim, the project integrates several brain imaging and brain stimulation techniques and combines basic and translational research.

Date:10 May 2021 →  Today
Keywords:Blindsight, fMRI, Visual Awareness, Superior Colliculus, VTA, Monkey
Project type:PhD project