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Nedbox digital platform.

This research project involves the management of NedBox and the development of a prototype of a new digital space 'NedBox Start', for non-native speakers who are lower literate.

Goals of the management of Nedbox are:
. Continuation of existing substantive and technical management activities;
. Increasing the number of new items on NedBox;
. Conducting targeted promotion and communication actions;
. Adaptive maintenance of the platform.

The objective of developing a prototype of a new digital space "Nedbox Start" is to create a new digital space that is even more tailored to the needs of lower literate profiles - and by extension the group of absolute beginners - both in terms of input and interface, .

All this fits in with the objectives of the Flemish Government, as included in the policy letter Integration and Naturalization, in particular continuing to invest in raising the knowledge of Dutch (as a second language).

Date:1 Jul 2018  →  31 Dec 2018
Keywords:anderstaligen, lager geletterde profielen en beginners, Nedbox (Start), digitale ruimte, kennis van Nederlands
Disciplines:Instructional sciences, Education curriculum, Theory and methodology of literary studies