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Museums / heritage sites and teenagers: an analysis of successful mediation practices in the Netherlands and England

In this research we trace a series of practices that museums and heritage sites set up to make teenagers (10-18 years) enthusiastic for (repeated) visits. The research takes place in two countries: England and the Netherlands. These two countries are chosen because they can both be seen as 'model countries' in terms of public mediation and curatorial practice for young people. The central research question in this project is: How do museums and heritage sites in the Netherlands and England experience / evaluate their specific practices aimed at teenagers (10-14 years and 14-18 years)? What makes these practices successful?

Date:1 Nov 2019  →  15 Feb 2020
Keywords:teenagers and museums/heritage sites, England and the Netherlands, theme_educationandll
Disciplines:Cultural participation, Sociology of child, adolescence and youth