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Multi-functional high-end mechanical spectroscopy

Soft matter and complex fluids are ubiquitous. They include materials such as ceramic precursors, micro-structured inks, hydrogel tissues, food formulations, polymer melts and setting concrete, to name a few. These materials display time and length scales that span many decades. The characterization, understanding, optimization and simulation of these materials at the various time and length scales is core in the research performed by the division SMaRT (Soft Matter, Rheology and Technology). For this research, the SMaRT division has a world class infrastructure in which rheometry is central, supplemented by complimentary techniques such as microscopy, thermal analysis and dielectrics. In this proposal, we apply for a state-of-the-art ARES-G2 spectro-mechanical rheometer with superior mechanical and thermal specifications. The availability of this top-notch device will not only reinforce our leading international position for rheological characterization, but it will also provide us with a much needed increase of our research capacity.
Date:1 Jan 2021  →  Today
Keywords:strain-controlled rheometer, soft matter, complex fluids, rheology, mechanical spectroscopy
Disciplines:Rheology , Polymer processing, Food physics, Food technology, Tissue engineering, Construction materials, Powder and particle technology, (Multiphase) flow, Chemical product design and formulation not elsewhere classified, Manufacturing processes, methods and technologies