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Move-IT: a new head/foot steering device for people with movement disorders

People with severe neurological movement disorders as dystonia and choreoathetosis are unable to use conventional joysticks to steer an electronic wheelchair. This results in a ‘mobility locked-in’ disability. Yet, head/foot movements can be better controlled in this patient population and steering with head/foot system have proven effective. However, current systems are outdated, very limited and require a time-consuming constant adjustment. As an answer to these shortcomings, the ‘Move-IT project’ will develop a new head/foot steering device using real-time measured user responses to improve the control of movements. In this population, the use of the Move-IT device will lead to a new level of independency, participation and quality of life. Consequently, a higher independence level will lead to less care needs, resulting in cost savings in health care.
Date:1 Oct 2017  →  30 Sep 2019
Keywords:movement disorders, dystonia, choreoathetosis, head/foot steering, real-time measurement, quality of live
Disciplines:Orthopaedics, Human movement and sports sciences, Rehabilitation sciences