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On the morphodynamics of the Belgian coast

Belgium's sandy coast is continuously changing due to the forcing of currents, waves and wind. Periods of erosion and deposition take turns on varying timescales. Considering coastal safety it is of major importance to know the long-term (decades) trend of the beach volume. This way measures can be taken in time, while also the impact of said measures can be estimated. Another aspect, which is still largely unknown, is beach recovery after storm seasons and especially the relations with the hydrodynamics. Between storm seasons, some of the eroded sediment is transported back to the beach. The shore-connected banks are thought to have an influence on these processes. The following goals are aimed for: 1: Determining the decadal morphological trends of the Belgian coast and the respective accuracy. 2: Research on the cross-shore processes under accretive conditions.

Date:20 Mar 2018  →  Today
Keywords:Morphodynamics, Beach, Coastal Engineering, Sediment transport
Disciplines:Building engineering
Project type:PhD project