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Morpho-syntactic variation in the Greek documentary papyri (III BC U+2013 VI AD). A socio-historical investigation

This investigation studies the relationship that exists between certain linguistic (morpho-syntactic) and social characteristics, and how this relationship evolves through time. The corpus consists of Greek U+2018documentaryU+2019 papyri, with an emphasis on three general text types, that is, U+2018lettersU+2019, U+2018contractsU+2019 and U+2018petitionsU+2019. Theoretically, the investigation is embedded in the U+2018Systemic FunctionalU+2019 framework.

Date:1 Oct 2013 →  30 Sep 2020
Keywords:socio-historical linguistics, documentary papyri, Systemic Functional Grammar, greek
Disciplines:Linguistics, Other languages and literary studies, Literary studies, Theory and methodology of linguistics, Language studies