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The Morality of the Use of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems: the Problem of Attributing Moral Responsibility.

The possible future use of autonomous weapons is discussed in many areas, including politics, law and psychology. A central point in the discussion about lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS) is the problem of attributing moral responsibility. The aim of this project is to assess how to distribute responsibility fairly between all the human and nonhuman actors involved in the use of LAWS. To this end, I will analyze the complex chain of responsibility in LAWS. The first part examines the responsibility of human actors involved, with a particular emphasis on the possibility of attributing individual responsibility. The second part explores the attribution of responsibility to non-human actors and investigates to what extent the system itself can be held responsible. In the third part, the results of the first two parts will be applied to current normative practice.

Date:4 Feb 2021  →  Today
Keywords:Responsibility, Lethal autonomous weapon systems
Disciplines:Ethics of technology
Project type:PhD project