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Monitoring of fiber optic structures and systems

This project has the general goal of, by means of translation research and application-oriented knowledge building and dissemination, to significantly increase the knowledge and insights of companies about optical fiber (OV) technologies in general and their application in structural construction applications. The target group of this project are contractors (general, hydraulic engineering, civil engineering, deep foundations, concrete repairers), material manufacturers, engineering offices, laboratories and companies related to optical fiber technology. The number of companies from this target group that is actually interested in implementing public transport technology in a business-related case is estimated at approximately 250. The target group consists largely of SMEs (> 80%), but also of larger companies, most of which (> 80%) are not R&D intensive. It is expected that on RT (<4y) and on ML term (<10y) at least 10% and 20% of these companies respectively will implement the project results in their own company.

Date:1 Mar 2020  →  Today
Keywords:fiber optic structures
Disciplines:Construction materials technology